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Pushing the boundaries of single-molecule imaging in living cells for drug discovery

Who we are

Mizar Therapeutics is a platform therapeutics company using proprietary live-cell single-molecule imaging and machine-learning technology to enable Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) based drug discovery.


The Mizar S/TARTM platform: real-time detection of Target Activity in living cells for SAR-based drug discovery.

  • Target Validation
  • MoA
  • SAR

The motions of a molecule in a cell are the result of the sum of all local forces acting upon it at any given time. This holds for individual proteins including those which are potential drug targets.

These motion patterns, along with their localization (or mis-localization), give us "signatures" of the target protein activity. For instance signal transduction proteins which are part of an active signaling center have a distinct set of motion patterns compared with those which are inactive. The same applies to virtually any class of regulatory protein, and thus to potentially any candidate drug target. Local motions and broader movements tell us what the target is doing at any given point in time.

The Technical Challenge.

The challenge is in tracking these movements with enough resolution, both spatially and over time, to identify robust Space/Time-Activity Relationship models which connect motion signatures to target activity for any given target protein.

The Mizar Single-Molecule Tracking imaging system overcomes these challenges, employing patented technology for long duration, continuous tracking of target activity in any cellular compartment. We use this capability to follow target activity in real-time as drug candidates are added, powering hit classification for SAR-enabled drug discovery, target validation and MoA.

Target Activity
Cytoplasmic LLPS particle
Ectopic TK signaling
Gene transcription
Cellular senescence
Target activity
Plasma membrane
Our Advantage


High-frequency image capture rates


Extended durations: minutes, hours, even days


Without damage or artifacts unlike other super-res systems = Ultra-rich protein behavior data for AI analysis


Unprecedented target activity platform for SAR-based discovery

Joel Smith (Mizar Therapeutics Co-Founder and CEO) and his son at a football ground

"We value our technology, though certainly we value our people more, and that means valuing life outside of work as well as in it, understanding and respecting that we are each managing our own highly individualized and often complicated lives. Flexibility, consideration, and kindness - the things we want for ourselves are what we want for everyone in our group."

- Joel Smith, Co-Founder and CEO

Onjalé Scott Price, COO of Mizar Therapeutics

"At Mizar, we pride ourselves in valuing the whole person, not just their productivity. We want people to bring their whole selves to their work. We believe all our different perspectives, experiences and knowledge contribute to the great work we do."

- Onjalé Scott Price, COO

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Research Scientist

Full-time Permanent Durham, North Carolina

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