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Pushing the boundaries of single-molecule imaging in living cells for drug discovery

Launching in January 2023
Who we are

Mizar Therapeutics is a platform therapeutics company using proprietary live-cell single-molecule imaging and machine-learning technology for drug discovery in
CAR-T cell therapy.

Drug discovery in:
  • Condensate biology
  • Genomics
  • Cell & gene therapy
  • Protein research
  • Gene transcription
  • RNA processing
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What can Mizar's technology do in your field?

New temporal and spatial dimensions to explore

A female scientist working in a laboratory
A female scientist working in a laboratory
A female scientist working in a laboratory

Our super-resolution technology is widely applicable. Initially we will be focusing on two challenge areas:

  1. Increasing the success rate of CAR-T cell therapies using our robust in vitro assay to measure immunological synapse strength and durability

    Our technology combines well with other immunocytotherapies and biologics, such as allogeneic NK cells, autologous BITES and modulated TCRs, and can be deployed in various parts of any pipeline, from early screening to post-manufacturing quality control.

  2. Identifying effective condensate modulators for cancer therapeutics

    Condensates compartmentalizing proteins and nucleic acids are often the location of dysregulation in cancer, and the pharmocodynamics of cancer therapeutics can be affected by condensates. However, while the CAR-T cell therapy field can now be considered fairly mature, we are only at the beginning of the process of leveraging an understanding of condensates to create effective condensate-targeting drug pipelines.

    We deploy our live-cell super-resolution technology to determine the interaction of lead compounds and condensate components in intact cells. Our imaging at high-frequency and over extended durations gives us unparalleled input data for our machine learning algorithms, meaning novel insight into mode of action and lead optimization.

Our Advantage


High-frequency image capture rates


Extended durations: minutes, hours, even days


Without damage or artifacts unlike other super-res systems = Ultra-rich protein behavior data for AI analysis


Unprecedented platform for discovery

Launching in January 2023

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